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GBC® Immunity is the first Canadian NHP successfully donated to first-line responders in Wuhan

Updated: May 24, 2023

EDMONTON, AB – March 10, 2020 – In an attempt to help strengthen the immune systems of medical staff in the battle against COVID-19, PBG BioPharma Inc. has donated thousands of bottles of GenBioChem® Immunity to the Wuhan rescue medical team of Jinan University in Guangzhou.

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It is the first health product to be donated to front-line medical personnel to aid in the battle against the new type of coronavirus through China’s Green Channel.

In lieu of a vaccine or antiviral drugs to combat the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the human body can only rely on its own immune system to protect against the virus. PBG’s flagship product, GenBioChem® Immunity, enhances the first line of defense of the immune system by activating immune cells including NK cells and macrophage cells.

In order to support the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, PBG BioPharma has donated thousands of bottles of GenBioChem® Immunity to Jinan University – Wuhan Medical Team to help enhance the immunity of medical staff and build a new Great Wall against the new coronavirus.

“We would like to sincerely thank PBG BioPharma Inc. for its generosity in donating GenBioChem® Immunity in the spirit of humanitarianism. GenBioChem® Immunity will be used to support the front-line medical team for the Wuhan rescue mission,” said Professor An Hong, the Vice President of Jinan University.

Of the donation, President and CEO of PBG BioPharma, Dr. Jacqueline Shan said, “My team and I have been focusing our research and development over the past two decades on natural medicine targeting the body’s immune function. The result is our second-generation product, GenBioChem® Immunity. Our desire is to bring some form of relief to frontline workers and strengthen their internal immunity so they may keep helping those in need.”

The Green Channel was developed as part of the Chinese government’s efforts to encourage innovation in the medical device industry by expediting the registration process for “innovative” medical devices. Although the policy was originally indented for Chinese companies, an amendment was made in 2014 opening the policy up to foreign manufacturers.


GenBioChem® Immunity is developed and manufactured by PBG BioPharma Inc. PBG BioPharma is a vertically integrated Canadian biopharmaceutical company. The company is committed to becoming a world leader in the research and development of evidence-based natural health products using its proprietary GenBioChem® Triple Fingerprinting Technology. The company is currently conducting research and clinical trials on the areas of neuropathic pain, Alzheimer’s, broad spectrum anti-viral, and anti-cancer therapies. Learn more at,


Jinan University is one of the most prestigious universities in China and in Asia. It is jointly established by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and Guangdong Province. The university recruits students from China and around the world, promoting an advanced educational environment with distinguished educators. Jinan University strives to carry on the spirit of past alumni in upholding best practices to secure its status as a top university for future generations. Recently, The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University (also known as the Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital) dispatched its second medical team to reinforce staff at the Wuhan Hankou Hospital on Feb 18. It had been 26 days since the first nine-member medical team was dispatched to Wuhan. The second medical team consists of five doctors and 10 nurses. Learn more at


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